Flame Arrester Element / Flow Straightener


Flame arrester element: Portion of flame arrester whose principal function is to prevent flame transmission.

Flame arrester elements are also named ribbon coils, flame traps or grates.

A flame arrester element is a flame quenching device that is mounted into a flame arrester. Diameter sizing, choice of material, determination of capillary height and number of elements depend on for what they are used. Hence, the design of a ribbon coil can only be determined through individual consultation and advice. It is thus impossible for an individual flame arrester element to be ATEX certified. Function approval of flame arrester elements in your application has to be done through a notified body in according to the flame arrester standard.

Flame arrester element is not only used in certified flame arrester, but also in customer-specific products e.g. pumps, engines or devices that are manufactured in large quantities. If you plan to use flame arrester elements for your application, we can offer you a wide range of our standard sizes.

Picture: Flame Arrester Element

Flow Straightener

The measurement and analysis of gases and liquids requires uniform and parallel flow of media (laminar flow). Elements with ribbon coil structure can be used as flow straightener. Flow straightener are very compact, eliminate turbulences, feature minimum pressure loss, are silent, reduce pipe length and don’t take up much space when built into a pipe.
As they are purely made of metal (stainless steel) they can be used in aggressive media and at higher temperatures.
The configuration of a flow straightener depends on specific requirements.
Flow straightener are custom-made products and therefore the development has to be in close cooperation with the client.

Picture: Flow Straightener


Ø [mm] Dreieckshöhe [mm]Bandmaterial Edelstahl 1.4571
100,25 – 0,7 X
250,25 – 0,7X
500,25 – 0,7X
720,25 – 0,7X
1050,25 – 0,7X